Pran Family Toast


Pran Family Toast -

Pran Sweet Toast

200g | 350g

Pran Sweet Toast -

Pran Baby Toast

125g | 300g

Pran Baby Toast -

Pran Delight Toast


Pran Delight Toast -

Pran Garlic Toast


Pran Garlic Toast -

Pran Dry Cake

120g | 150g

Pran Dry Cake -

Pran Potata Biscuit


Pran Potata Biscuit -

Fit Crackers

70g | 120g

Fit Crackers -

PRAN biscuits & Bakery

PRAN biscuits and Bakery are available in a variety of delicious crackers, cream, or toast. They're best enjoyed with tea. You can find biscuits in different sizes at your local grocery store around the globe.

PRAN Potata

A quick & filling snack is what we look forward to & mouth-watering PRAN Potata biscuits perfectly serve this purpose. You can have a dozen in one sitting. Just a few pieces of Potata biscuit are enough to satiate your hunger. It is indeed a joyous experience. Potata biscuit makes for a great grab & go snack for people who are on the move.

This spicy flavored Potata biscuit can be consumed during any time of the day. Be it to meet your late-night cravings while watching a movie or completing assignments or as a breakfast alternative before rushing to work or class early in the morning. Be it outdoors or indoors, Potata biscuit pleasantly completes & complements every affair.

PRAN Potata biscuit is made of real potatoes & you can get it at a reasonable price. Our prices are varies depending on SKU. So, without a second thought, grab yours now!

PRAN Toast

PRAN Toast is best as a snack. It has the right blend of sweetness & crunchiness, making it the perfect choice for people with a sweet tooth. PRAN Toast also has Sweet Toast, Garlic Toast, Delight Toast, Family Toast, Baby Toast in the PRAN Toast family for people of varying tastes.

PRAN Dry Cake

PRAN Dry Cake is a great midday meal, perfectly suited for brunch. You can munch on them while on the go or working. It has a sweet flavor & a decent taste. Be it your breakfast or tea time, Pran Dry Cake can be consumed during any time of the day.

PRAN Fit Crackers

Need some delicious yet budget-friendly snack? Fit crackers has got you covered. Fit Cracker biscuit is available in milk & masala flavor. Grab a pack & enjoy the lip-smacking taste of Fit Crackers.