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Mr. Noodles in India

Noodles is one of our easiest go-to foods. They are easy to prepare, can be customized any way you want, and is easily consumed in any environment. All these add up to us having noodles throughout the day; be it breakfast, a quick lunch, an afternoon, or an evening snack. The versatility of noodles is amazing, as we can customize it with egg, chicken, or veggies.

Noodles originated in China over 4000 years ago, and over the years it gained popularity all over the world. As noodles traveled from one country to another, the culture and practices of that country remade noodles in their own image. Noodles flavor is as numerous as those cultures, but we are a spicy bunch and we love our noodles spicy. With PRAN Mr. Noodles you get the flavor of the spicy noodles your heart desires.

Mr. Noodles Flavor, Sizes & Price

In this amazing world of noodles, it can be pretty hard to make your mark, but we did just that with Mr. Noodles in India. We have different types of noodles flavor with different sizes. With our magic masala flavored noodles, tomato spicy flavored noodles, egg fried noodles, chicken-flavored noodles, cup noodles, and affordable pricing, we have captured the attention of the market and are growing a significant customer base. We have also different flavors in cup noodles: like chicken, curry, shrimp, and vegetables with a yummy taste.

You can get our noodles at reasonable and affordable prices in your nearest shop.

Mr. Noodles: Your Perfect Companion for Hunger

Noodles is also a great companion for travel. That is why in India we have Mr. Noodles cup noodles. Its instant noodles that is available in many flavors - Magic Masala flavor and Chicken flavor are the most popular ones. The cup noodle is very easy to carry and does not spoil for a long time. All you need to do is add some hot water to the cup and you are ready to eat. PRAN Mr. Noodles cup noodle is the perfect way to beat hunger attacks, whether you are traveling by bus or train. It is also a great partner if you are going on an adventure where you plan to hike on a hill or find a mountain waterfall. The cups noodle is built to last and satisfy your hunger anytime.